Qishow technology and Qishow media of hengshui transportation uses the internationally famous domain name service provider

Qishow technology and Qishow media uses the domestic domain name service provider to provide the domain name address service
And through the ICANN and the relevant international certification
eliable NS stability and rapid response mechanism, to provide customers with high reliability, high rate of domain name service

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Qishow technology and Qishow media uses the internationally renowned dabase serve and webhost
international class a BGP multi wire room, 1000000 million fiber high-speed connection international backbone network to ensure interoperability
High security performance to be able to quickly deploy, greatly providing the site's online rate and stability

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Qishow Website Management System (QWMS)

Provide a full range of website project to the traditional enterprise,factory,sales staff
Design using Hypertext Markup Language ,Cascading style sheet ,Code writing process strictly.Compatible with IE6, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and other mainstream browsers .
The quality of the site lies in the source code,not just its gorgeous appearance

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Search engine optimization services

What can be done for you
1.Low cost inputs to get high returns;
2.Keywords ranking by the front, so that users find you as soon as possible;
3.Customers generally believe that the results of the first few pages of the search, the company is powerful;
4.There is no need to worry about malicious competition,or Put on high ads.

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About Qishow technology and Qishow media of hengshui transportation

Qishow technology and Qishow media of hengshui transportation eastablished on 15th,Jun.,2006, developed from Winsun Business of hengshui transportation,which is the leading the E-Transportation Sevicer.We commit ourselves to offer whole network services for our clients, mainly include: mainl hotsing,website design,E-business,Logistics website and so on .Besides, we also offer solutions and consultants for enterprises e-commerce, help them to improve their competitive ability.

We developed so fast and become excellent with our special model ,and established long business relations with hichina and xirang ,West,zhiying.We offer 365 days services and guarantee system, independent IP ,route insert,Intel service platfort, DDT back-up system,Telegraph web system and web monitor system ,which make sure the good quality,high effiency and safey 7*24 hours maintance.s. Various designs make sure your unique showing .[Read more>>]

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